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Tired of flipping through photo albums and boxes to show your wedding or vacation photos? Looking for a way to store or share photos?  Don't know what to do with those old slides? Put them on DVD!

The DVD can include images (up to size 8.5 x11) from color, or black and white photos, newspaper, awards, and video tape segments.  There is a $20 set up fee for using video segments.  Each video segment must be one minute or less and is counted as an item.   Additional minutes may be used at .75 a minute.  Please contact us regarding using slides in your video.  Each memory DVD includes: custom cropping, special transitions, opening and closing titles, a labeled video and video case, the music selection of your choice and captions (dates, names, places, etc.).  See below link regarding use of music.

When transferring photographs to DVD, a DVD with 200 items runs approximately 18-20 minutes and requires approximately 5 songs.  Each item is typically shown for 5 seconds.  

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