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Preserve your family photos for future generations. What do you do when your 2 year old adds to your favorite picture with a black marker?  Or the one picture you have of your great-grandmother is folded in half torn and yellowed?  Is there a great wedding shot where a chair is in the photo? 

It is understandable that you may not wish to part with an irreplaceable photograph.  Local customers can make arrangements to have the photo scanned at our office.  Please call 931-461-0034 to make an appointment.  If you have it scanned to, shipped or emailed to us, we prefer to have a Photoshop or .jpg file (but will work with other formats).  The image must be  scanned at 300 dpi.

If the photograph is in extremely bad condition and we determine that we cannot fully restore it, we will return it with a complete refund.  We will include an explanation of what we can and can not do to improve your photo.

Your photo never leaves our building.

We  also provide photo manipulation. 
Check out our amazing samples.  Sample restorations shown at a low resolution to save download time.


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