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Serving Middle Tennessee with first class DJ service!  We can help make your event one that everyone will talk about for a long time.

McMurr's ensures your event is a success.  With 15 years of professional DJ services under our belt, we have provided music for events with attendance from 20 to 400.

A trait of a good DJ is one that can read the mood of the crowd. This means playing the appropriate background music when it is time to socialize and eat, and playing music that will encourage people to get up and dance when it is time to dance.  Cat understands this and is very successful at helping people have a great time.

When you book an event with us, you can be assured you will receive professional attention.  Our initial consultation can be either on the telephone or in person.  During the consultation, we learn more about your music likes and dislikes, plan the type of music you would like played during each phase of the event, the role you would like us to play as emcee, if you want us to take requests from guests, our attire, etc.

We will work with you at no extra cost, to ensure your event meets your expectations!

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